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"Sediment management in reservoir and peaking reservoir hydropower projects" 20 - 26 October 2024 Kathmandu, Nepal

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About Hydro Lab
It was necessary for Nepal to initiate a research centre to study and solve the complex issues and problems associated with hydraulics and sediment in its Himalayan steep rivers for sustainable water resources development. Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University (IOE-TU) in mid eighties planned for a Water Resource Research Centre in Nepal. A hydraulic laboratory was set up...
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Field of Activities

Hydro Lab is well equipped with facilities, instruments and qualified personnel to perform research and consultancy services. We conduct research and consulting services on following areas of activities.

Physical hydraulic model studies
Sediment studies
Hydro turbine efficiency measurement
Settling basin performance test
Geotechnical and geological studies
Numerical modeling
Design review
Why Physical Hydraulic Modeling
To develop conceptual layout of overall headworks structures

To verify and optimize the initial design of hydraulic structures with respect to cost and operation


To reveal potential demerits of a proposed hydraulic design of various structures and explore solutions


To use as supplementing tool to numerical modelling


To research for innovations in hydraulic structures design

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