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“Sediment Management in Hydropower Development and Operation
The International workshop jointly organised by Hydro Lab, Nepal and International Centre for Hydropower (ICH), Norway from 02 – 08 October 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal has been successfully completed. Prof. Dr. Triratna Bajracharya, Dean of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University honored the Opening session as the Chief Guest and Mr. Murali Prasad Sharma, Chairman, PEEDA/Hydro Lab as the Chairperson………
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Are you developing hydropower/water resources projects in steep sediment-loaded Himalayan Rivers? If yes, feel free to contact us. We can assist you in preventing from investment failure by carrying out physical hydraulic model studies.

Hydro Lab is the only research organisation in Nepal having experience and expertise in physical hydraulic model studies.

Hydro Lab welcomes developers, engineers, researchers, bankers and investors to visit the lab. Our past and on going works are ready for demonstration.

Hydro Lab has expertise in sediment studies, hydro turbine efficiency measurement and hydrometry.




News & Events

Sediment Management in Hydropower Development and Operation, 2018

An international workshop with the theme ‘Sediment Management in Hydropower Development and Operation’ held on 02 - 08 October 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal has been successfully completed. The workshop was jointly organized by Hydro Lab, Nepal and International Centre for Hydropower (ICH), Norway. It was the eighth workshop in a series jointly organized by Hydro Lab and ICH since 2001.

The workshop was attended by 24 participants from 5 different countries namely Bhutan, Colombia, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Nepal. The participants were professionals from different governmental and private organizations including developers, consultants, academicians and researchers.

The weeklong workshop at Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur, began with lectures conducted by the experienced professionals from academic institutions, hydropower developers, research organizations and consulting firms, who shared their experiences on various topics related to the main theme of the workshop. Besides lectures, the workshop also included demonstrations of physical hydraulic models and the relevant laboratory experiments at Hydro Lab for acquiring practical knowledge on sediment management in hydropower and a field visit to Jure landslide and Sunkoshi Hydropower plant. Besides the lectures, willing participants were also given an opportunity to present and share their experiences during country presentations.

Following are the topics of the lectures conducted in the workshop:

  1. Key note lecture on Cost of sediment in Hydropower Operation
  2. River dynamics and theory of sediment transport
  3. Sediment data collection and processing
  4. Use of sediment data in the planning and design of Hydropower Project in Himalayas
  5. Hydraulic design of headworks for RoR hydropower projects on sediment loaded rivers
  6. Sediment induced turbine erosion and sediment friendly turbine design
  7. Design and operation of settling basins
  8. Design of headworks structures
  9. Handling of bed load at the headworks of RoR hydropower projects
  10. Physical hydraulic modelling – a tool for headworks design in steep sediment loaded rivers
  11. Daily peaking reservoirs in sediment loaded rivers: a case of Kabeli A HPP, Nepal
  12. Performance Improvement of the headworks of Kaligandaki A HPP through physical modelling
  13. Reservoir sedimentation; monitoring and management for sustainability
  14. Sediment management in BPC’s hydropower plants/projects
  15. Lessons learnt from the Sediment Management in Khimti I Hydropower Plant, Nepal
  16. Operation and sediment management in NEA’s Hydropower Plants, Nepal
  17. Sediment management for PROR project using sediment bypass tunnel
  18. Sustainable operation of peaking reservoirs on sediment loaded rivers
  19. Cost-effective Sediment Handling in RoR Hydropower Plants
  20. Turbine Efficiency Measurement at Power Plants Exposed to Sediment: The Thermodynamic Method

The closing of workshop programme and certificate distribution were done at Himalayan Horizon, Dhulikhel on 7th October 2018.


For more information and to register your interest, please send an e-mail to info@hydrolab.org




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